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These cool SAVE THE FROGS! wristbands (gel bracelets) make great gifts and help get the word out! They say SAVE THE FROGS! on one side and on the other.

"I haven't taken my save the frogs wristband off since I got it."
-- Natalie, California State University, Sacramento, CA

Wristbands come in two sizes:
Large -- 202mm circumference (about 8")
Small -- 180mm circumference (about 7")
We suggest smalls for everybody except adult males with large wrists.

Captions for Wristband Photo Gallery
- Even armadillos love our wristbands
- Jingu Yeo, the Founder of EcoClub Korea, likes his SAVE THE FROGS! wristband!
- These kids on the beach in Accra, Ghana are all about saving the frogs
- All these Floridians love their SAVE THE FROGS! bracelets

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