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Onyx Frog Figurines

Onyx Frog Figurines

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These onyx frog figurines originate from beautiful stone found in the
Balochistan Province of western Pakistan. 100% of proceeds benefit
SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation projects.

The double frog figurine has two onyx frog carvings!

"Needless to say, my daughter was elated with the onyx frogs."
-- Marty Schulman

The frogs were cut, lathe-turned and polished by skilled artisans in
Pakistan. Onyx is formed from dissolved carbonate minerals (usually
calcite) when limestone or dolomite sediments come into contact with
hot water. Heat from recent volcanic activity causes this hydrothermal
alteration and the dissolved minerals are then precipitated when these
fluids reach the surface. Precipitated carbonates from these
hydrothermal solutions are called “flowstone,” or travertine, as well
as onyx. Red, green and orange colors result from small amounts of
impurities present. These frogs are cut from banded onyx.

These beautiful onyx frog carvings were generously donated to SAVE THE
FROGS! by Nature's Own in Boulder, Colorado. We appreciate Nature's
Own support of frog conservation and their support of a wide array of
environmental efforts:

“Just bought a double frog figure made of onyx. Can't wait to see it!“
— Karen Berenberg

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